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No headphone jack? No problem! Wireless Zone's Guide to Wireless Headphones

Posted by Andrea Drag on Oct 5, 2016 4:29:18 PM


When Apple's latest iPhone was announced, fans around the world were introduced to AirPods, a new wireless headphone system. This eliminates the mess that comes with tangled wires, while also giving users a diverse offering when it comes to new capabilities.Whether you're upgrading your iPhone or simply curious about trying out a new set of headphones, here's why wireless is the way to go:

Limitless options for cordless

As Wired pointed out, early versions of Bluetooth headphones struggled with quality. Now, however, there are extremely powerful, exquisite headphones available that are fully wireless. There are sleek ear buds and fantastic over-the-ear models as well. Improvements to battery life have only served to expand the market for wireless options, with a wide array of styles and brands that fit any lifestyle or sensibility. Here are a few of our favorites:


Samsung Level U - Designed for long term wear, these headphones feature a flexible urethane joint to wear around your neck and stabilizing wing ear gels for in-ear comfort.


LG Tone -  These stylish bluetooth headphones offer retractable earbuds for a personalized fit and convenient storage.

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Hassle free headphones? Yes please!

The most obvious way wireless headphones are easier to use is eliminating the frustration that comes with tangled traditional headphones. This can be an aggravating mess to sort out. Even when carefully placed in a bag or in your pocket, regular headphones seem to have a knack for tying themselves in a knot. Wireless versions avoid this problem entirely.

You also need not fumble with your phone using traditional headphones. Leave it in your pocketbook or across the room, and easily connect and disconnect. Technology should be quick and effortless, and wireless headphones help achieve this goal. This is especially handy when listening to music while running or at the gym - headphone cords will hold you back no-more. 

New capabilities

Apple explained that the AirPods that pair with the iPhone 7 are the next generation in wireless headphone technologies. Not only does the elimination of a headphone jack make the phones thinner and more balanced, but it also gives users an exciting new gadget to explore in the form of the cutting-edge headphones.

These synchronize instantly to your iPhone or Apple watch, and are touch-sensitive, requiring no buttons or switches to use. The AirPods boast impressive batteries, and use sensors to know when to play or pause your music. By tapping gently on the side, Siri - Apple's digital assistant - can be called on to send text messages, record voice memos and perform a number of other tasks. 

AirPods may not be your favorite choice when it comes to wireless headphones, but these represent what the next generation of such devices will be able to do. Other developers will learn from Apple's successes and failures and work to integrate other apps and capabilities in similar ways. Wireless headphones appear to be the future, and the future is now. 

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