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Winter is Coming: Protect your Tech from the Cold with these 4 Tricks

Posted by Andrea Drag on Dec 2, 2015 12:27:35 PM



Colder weather and snow flurries are fast approaching, and in some parts of the country, winter is already in full swing and preparing for the drop in temperature is necessary. From checking heating systems, putting snow tires on your car and closing up the house, there is a lot to be done. With so much going on, it may not cross your mind to prepare your smartphone for the cold winter weather though this necessity could be a device saver in the long run.

According to the International Business Times, several problems can arise when your iPhone or Android device is exposed to cold temperatures. From issues with performance, battery life and screen visibility, there is a lot that can go wrong with your valuable smartphone. Here are several tips for protecting that expensive piece of technology in your pocket this winter:

1. Limit usage when outside


It may be tempting to take a Snapchat of the freshly fallen snow or Instagram a video of your friend skiing down the black diamond. However, one of the best tips for protecting your phone in the winter is to limit usage when you're outdoors. Save that phone call or text message until you're in the warmth of your office or home. If you're listening to music or a podcast, use headphones and keep your device tucked into the warmth of your pocket or briefcase. Additionally, avoid leaving your smartphone in a cold car for an extended period of time.

2. Allow your device to warm up


According to CNN, smartphones aren't made to outlast cold temperatures and most devices encounter problems when exposed to temperatures below freezing. The cold weather causes smartphone batteries, made of lithium-ion, to drain much faster than normal. Sometimes a smartphone device may even die without warning. However, these problems are not permanent and your phone will recover when brought inside. Smartphones will only stop working completely when exposed to temperatures -40 degrees Fahrenheit and below, according to IBT.

It is critical to allow your device ample time to warm up before powering it back on. Allow it to warm up for at least 10 or 15 minutes when you're out of the cold. Turning your iPhone or Android back on too soon could cause permanent issues.

3. Use gadget-ready gloves


If you really can't resist whipping out your smartphone to take a picture of the perfect snowman you've made, you'll want to invest in a specific glove that has conductive fabric on the finger tips. All smartphone devices use capacitive touch screens which won't work if your finger is blocked by a thick wool glove. Gaget-ready gloves are widely available and quite inexpensive, however if you aren't interested in purchasing them, the tip of your nose is another alternative for getting the screen to register your cues.

4. Invest in a weatherproof case


If you've paid for a quality iPhone or Android, it is most certainly worth spending a couple more dollars on a sturdy, durable case to protect it. Heavy duty, life-proof and weatherproof cases are recommended in the winter. Not only will these cases keep your smartphone warm, it will also help to prevent cracks if dropped on a cold surface. Stop into your local Wireless Zone to pick out the best case for your device and to hear protection recommendation based on your favorite winter activities.

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