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Summer Photo Bucket List: 20 Things to Do & Document via Instagram/Snapchat

Posted by Andrea Drag on Aug 22, 2016 4:10:52 PM
Summer is all about getting out and having a good time. That means trips to the beach, delicious frozen treats and fun with friends and family. By keeping your smartphone close at hand, you can easily document your adventures and share pics on Instagram or Snapchat for a collection of fond summer memories. 
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Master Pokemon Go Without Burning Through Your Phone's Data & Battery

Posted by Andrea Drag on Aug 3, 2016 2:56:00 PM

The mobile game Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, and people of all ages have become immersed in this virtual world. The game is exciting and rewarding, but if you're not careful, it can be detrimental to your smartphone's battery life, data plan or even overall performance.

The game - which uses GPS services and your phone's camera - embeds Pokemon directly into the real world. Users can catch their favorite Pokemon, as well as visit nearby landmarks to earn experience points and items, and battle other pokemon. This is a revolutionary new take on video games, and as such has in a very short period of time become immensely popular. Here's what you need to know about making sure your phone is ready for your quest to become a Pokemon Go master.

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Camp Smart: Top Apps for Identifying Plants, Constellations, Trails and More

Posted by Andrea Drag on Jun 8, 2016 10:43:55 AM

While many folks head on a hiking or camping trip to unplug and enjoy some peace and quiet, your smartphone can actually be an instrumental tool when it comes to maximizing your time on the trail. There are all sorts of apps available that make getting around easier, help mitigate dangerous situations and provide useful and fasincating information about the great outdoors.

Ahead of your next outdoor excursion, don't just fill a backpack with a water bottle and trail mix - load your phone with these essential camping apps:

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6 Apps for Planning the Perfect Valentine's Day Date

Posted by Andrea Drag on Feb 11, 2016 1:34:39 PM

Don't let the stress and uncertainty of what to do for your loved one get the best of you this Valentine's Day. Picking out the perfect present or potential date spot can be achieved in minutes and they're just a touch away when using your iPhone or Android.

Here are the best apps that can help prepare you and your special someone for Valentine's Day.

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The Ultimate Apps for Skiers

Posted by Andrea Drag on Feb 4, 2016 9:15:33 AM

The ultimate apps for skiers
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Topics: Android Apps, iPhone apps, smartphone apps, Mobile Apps, Apps for Skiers, skiing and snowboarding, Winter sports

The Best Yoga and Meditation Apps for All Levels

Posted by Andrea Drag on Jan 27, 2016 9:01:16 AM

At first mention, yoga and technology may sound as opposite as chocolate cake and weight loss but there are actually a number of highly-rated meditative apps available. While those engaging in the ancient practice of yoga long ago may have never dreamed that it would one day be connected with smartphone technology, in today's world apps for yogis are one of the best tools out there. Check out these popular apps for the meditative practice.

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Topics: Fitness Apps, smartphone apps, Mobile Apps, best apps for meditation, yoga apps, meditation apps, Yoga, 2016 goals, what are the best yoga apps

How to Design a Fitness Plan with your Smartphone [Infographic]

Posted by Andrea Drag on Jan 20, 2016 4:58:40 PM


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Divide and Conquer Black Friday with your Smartphone [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Andrea Drag on Nov 25, 2015 1:21:47 PM

With 300 million other shoppers to compete with this Black Friday, drafting a strategy for the year’s biggest shopping event is essential. Tactical shopping will help you and your family save big on this year’s most popular holiday gift items, and your smartphone can be a huge asset in this November endeavor.

While planning your shopping spree, be sure to visit your local Wireless Zone for 2016's exclusive deals on your favorite devices and tech this holiday season! 

Click here to find your nearest Wireless Zone 

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Top 10 Apps Every Student Can’t Live Without

Posted by Andrea Drag on Aug 4, 2015 4:26:00 PM
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Plan the Perfect Road Trip: One App at a Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Andrea Drag on Jun 23, 2015 1:56:00 PM

Keep your phone handy the next time you and your friends or family hit the open road. A few smartphone apps can help you optimize trip planning, stay well-fed and find your way off the beaten path. These apps are just a sample of the trip-saving features you can access from the palm of your hand.

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