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Summer Photo Bucket List: 20 Things to Do & Document via Instagram/Snapchat

Posted by Andrea Drag on Aug 22, 2016 4:10:52 PM
Summer is all about getting out and having a good time. That means trips to the beach, delicious frozen treats and fun with friends and family. By keeping your smartphone close at hand, you can easily document your adventures and share pics on Instagram or Snapchat for a collection of fond summer memories. 

Check out this list of the 20 best activities to try this summer - don't forget to document via snapchat or instagram!

1. Go hiking

Green trees and beautiful views will make a great photo opportunity that your followers will love.


2. Check out some fireworks

Even beyond the Fourth of July, fireworks are a summer staple. Take a couple of pictures and select the best one to share.


3. Indulge in a favorite dessert

Between classics like apple pie and chocolate ice cream, there are all sorts of treats to enjoy.


4. Head to the zoo

Summer vacation is the perfect time to visit the local zoo. With so many animals to chose from, you will likely be taking your fair share of Snapchats during your trip.


5. Sunbathe on the beach

Whether you're sipping a drink in the sand or playing in the water, you're sure to walk away from the beach with plenty of pictures.


6. Hit the open road

A summer road trip is great for a weekend getaway or a longer exploit. Just pick a spot on the map and get going!


7. Catch a fish

Cast a line, sit back and relax. Even if you don't land a prized fish, this is the perfect way to spend a lazy summer afternoon.


8. Babysit a younger relative

Not only is some quality time with a child going to guarantee some laughs, but cute kids always make for a good Instagram.


9. Explore your hometown 

You need not escape to the beach to have a vacation this summer. Check out a new restaurant or neighborhood in your hometown and take a few photos along the way.


10. Visit family

Take any of the ideas on this list and bring some loved ones along for the fun.


11. Play a few lawn games

Classics like bocce and croquet are great, as are newer games such as corn hole or ladder golf.


12. Fire up the grill

Bust out the burgers and dogs and have yourself a classic barbeque. 


13. Host a backyard party

Your friends and family will be plenty thankful, and a few string lights will set the stage for the perfect Instagram


14. Revisit a favorite book

As Seventeen pointed out, summer is the perfect time to dive into an old novel. You may also want to head to the library or bookstore and check out something new to read. Instagram a meaningful passage and get creative with the filters.


15. Grab tickets to a favorite band's concert

Another excellent opportunity for memorable photos, be sure to buy some tickets in advance!


16. Take yourself out the ballgame

A baseball game may be more appealing to some folks, and is also a great place for a few Snapchats.


17. Relax with a campfire

Whether out in the woods or just in the backyard, a campfire is a fantastic way to celebrate summer.


18. Organize a picnic

Another perfect activity for taking advantage of good weather, a picnic in the backyard or at the park makes for a fantastic photo opportunity.


19. Snack on seafood

Whether its a lobster roll, a big bowl of chowder or a plate of fried clams, fresh seafood is a quintessential summer meal. Buzzfeed found that it also creates a great photo opportunity.


20. Enjoy a beautiful sunset

Nothing caps off a wonderful summer day quite like a brilliant sunset. Keep an eye on the horizon and have your smartphone ready!


If your phone's camera is out of date, you may be due for an upgrade. To perfectly capture all your summer adventures, be sure to visit Wireless Zone, your local Verizon Authorized Retailer to get the hottest deals on today's latest tech, include a new smartphone! Happy snapping!

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