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7 Features Every iPhone User Should Be Utilizing

Posted by Andrea Drag on Oct 12, 2016 4:27:52 PM

Apple's iPhone is among the best-selling smart phones, but this isn't just because of clever marketing and ubiquity. The iPhone is loaded with powerful features and tools, though some users may not be taking full advantage of all the options available. From getting around town, to taking better pictures, the iPhone is full of resources that make it unique and helpful. Here are some of the built-in iPhone features every user should be utilizing:

1. Siri


Apple's famous personal assistant is more powerful than ever, and worth noting Siri can speak a number of different languages, comes in both male and female form, and can even tell a few jokes.

Siri is a concierge mixed with a secretary. Using natural language, she can fetch all sorts of useful information for you, as well as set reminders, calendar appointments and events. Did you know Siri can also dictate texts, change settings, perform helpful calculations and even book reservations at local restaurant?

2. Apple Music


iPhone's music application is very practical. Not only can it store music you've purchased online or downloaded off of a CD, but the app grants you access to the iTunes Music Store. Sample or download thousands of different songs, and create personalized playlists to enjoy. Unlike many other platforms, this makes it possible to listen to your favorite music without an internet or data connection.

3. Cloud storage


Leveraging the power of the cloud makes storage on your iPhone easy. Music, photos, documents and other files can be stored remotely so you can enjoy them anywhere. This vastly increases the amount of access you have to personal items and also gives you significantly more wiggle room when configuring your phone's storage settings. You may have a music library that is full of thousands of albums, but with cloud storage, you need not sacrifice precious memory.

4. Apple Maps


With 3D displays and flyover features, Apple Maps is a tremendously convenient tool. Long gone are the days of paper maps and asking for directions. With a few simple taps, you can receive navigation guidance, as well as information about local points of interest. Apple Maps also shares what you need to know about public transportation options too. When combined with Siri, the app offers step-by-step directions, and you can store the location of favorite restaurants or landmarks for future reference.

5. Apple Wallet


One of the newer built-in tools offered by the iPhone, Apple Wallet is a revolutionary new means of securely making purchases. Apple Pay is a digital means of electronically shopping in a way that is efficient and secure. Many of the world's largest retailers and restaurants have integrated Apple Pay already, and your Apple Wallet can house your credit card, debit card or store specific rewards cards. Instead of fumbling with a wallet or unfolding crumpled up paper bills, simply tap the responder at the check-out counter next time you go shopping and be on your way.

6. HDR photography 


Did you know using the High Dynamic Range setting when using the camera app can overcome dark or difficult lighting conditions? When set to HDR, your iPhone camera actually takes several photos very quickly at different exposures, and blends them into one picture. As a result, darkened shadows are less severe and over-exposed light is reduced. This makes it easier to snap the picture you want without hassle. 

7. Low Power Mode


It's no secret that using apps and features on your phone drains battery. Luckily, there's even a built-in feature for that as well. By going to your phone's battery settings, you can activate Low Power Mode. This suspends automatic updates and other background activities that can reduce your phone's battery. Ordinarily this shouldn't be a problem, but if you're traveling or know you'll be using your phone more than usual, applying Low Power Mode can be very useful.

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