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The Ultimate Apps for Skiers

Posted by Andrea Drag on Feb 4, 2016 9:15:33 AM
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The ultimate apps for skiers

There's nothing quite like the hype that accompanies preparing for a big ski weekend at your favorite mountain with all of your pals. From sharpening your skis and loading up all of your gear, to keeping an eye on the forecast and deciding who's cooking what each night, the excitement continues to build as the big adventure nears. And now, there are a variety of top-notch apps that can make your weekend of black diamond trail runs even better.

Before the next time you hit the slopes, consider downloading one of these awesome winter sports apps.

Ski and Snow Report
The knowledge center of all things camping, hiking and winter adventure, The Clymb suggested the Ski and Snow Report app as the best place to start. If you haven't had a chance to check the forecast, conditions or trail information, this is your one-stop-shop for a complete mountain guide. Available for both iPhone and Android devices, this app provides all of the crucial information on the mountain you're headed to, including snow conditions and an accumulation timeline, trail closings, weather reports and lodge notifications. It even gives you access to trail maps, live webcams and more.

Trace Snow - Ski + Snowboard Tracker
You've got a wristlet device or smartphone app that counts how many steps you take in a day, so why not have an app that records all of the awesome backcountry trails, moguls, jumps and gnar you shred during a full day of skiing? With the Trace Snow - Ski + Snowboard Tracker app, available on both iPhone and Android devices, you can! This intuitive app is capable of tracking everything from your total distance, speed and vertical drop, to your airtime, jumps and more. It also measures calories burned and time spent on chair lifts so you know exactly how well your day went. This app is incredible for keeping track of your stats all season long.

For the optimal mountain experience, download one of these top apps for all things snow, conditions and competition.For the optimal mountain experience, download one of these top apps for all things snow, conditions and competition.

A full season of snow gear, lodging, lift tickets and passes can add up quickly. According to Tom's Guide, there's one app that can help save you money this year when it comes to one of the most expensive winter sports out there. The Liftopia app, available for iPhones, allows you to pre-book lift tickets, ski or snowboard lessons and equipment rentals while providing exclusive deals and discounts. What's more is that in-app booking takes away the stress of trying to find a hotel room or lodge at the last minute. So, all you have to do is show up!

For an outdoor app that will truly optimize your mountain experience, download EpicMix on either your iPhone or Android device. As one of the premier social apps for all things skiing and snowboarding out west, EpicMix allows you to compare lift line times, track vertical feet, save pictures, find friends and get updates on specific mountains. If you're ready for it, this app challenges friends on nearby slopes and puts you up for consideration on the Leaderboard.

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The Best Yoga and Meditation Apps for All Levels

Posted by Andrea Drag on Jan 27, 2016 9:01:16 AM

At first mention, yoga and technology may sound as opposite as chocolate cake and weight loss but there are actually a number of highly-rated meditative apps available. While those engaging in the ancient practice of yoga long ago may have never dreamed that it would one day be connected with smartphone technology, in today's world apps for yogis are one of the best tools out there. Check out these popular apps for the meditative practice.


Simply Yoga

If you're new to the world of deep breathing, ascetic discipline and herbal teas, attempting to master the advanced Lord of the Dance pose in front of an entire class of experts can seem daunting and intimidating. With Simply Yoga app, free on both iPhone and Android devices, you don't have to worry about that. According to Healthline, the app's mission is to keep the meditative practice simple. Consider it your own personal yoga instructor that you can take with you wherever you go. The app contains workouts for beginners with 20, 40 and 60-minute increment options. Thirty different poses are demonstrated with video for easy understanding, viewing and learning. Master the poses in the comfort of your own home.


Daily Yoga

It's not always easy to find the time to get to the studio for that one or two hour Hatha, Vinyasa or Bikram yoga class. Whether it's one of those three styles, or any of the hundreds more that you prefer, the Daily Yoga app allows you to practice with certified yoga instructors from your own relaxation space. Considered the most favorite and advanced mobile yoga studio worldwide, according to iTunes, the app provides a library of over 3,000 poses, videos and voice instructions. Focusing on everything from flexibility, weight loss, fitness and strength this app also provides access to a social community of yogis. Daily Yoga is free for both iPhone and Android devices.


FitStar Yoga

Internationally recognized yoga expert Tara Stiles teamed up with the FitStar Yoga app to ensure that no matter where in the world you are, you never have to miss a routine. When you can't make it to a class, just roll out your mat wherever you are and select a virtual class of your choice and follow along. From beginner levels to advanced, options allow you to pick your own duration and intensity level. According to Tom's Guide, the app is truly in sync with your rhythm, level and style thanks to the evaluation from your introductory session. From there, the app alters the difficulty of future sessions based on feedback you've provided. Available on iPhone devices, FitStar Yoga allows you to track your milestones and progress and even earn badges to unlock more classes.


Insight Timer

Meditating just got even more relaxing. If you're someone who likes to spend specific time durations meditating, the Insight Timer app is for you. This timer app softly and gently lulls you in and out of meditation with Tibetan singing bowl chimes so that you'll never have to interrupt your relaxation to check the clock. The stats, journal entries and milestones offered are just the beginning. Insight Timer boasts more than 600 guided meditations with well-known instructors Eckhart Tolle, Pak Merta Ada, Thich Nhat Hanh, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, as well as many others. There are guides for yoga, meditation, chanting, prayer, healing, breathing, tai chi and walking. Available for both iPhone and Android devices, you'll be instantly hooked to this worldwide, dynamic community.


Universal Breathing - Pranayama

Now that you've gotten your yoga poses and mediation down, you can use this app to focus on improving your breathing. According to Tom's Guide, mindful breathing is just as important to the spiritual practice of yoga as stretching is. Pranayama breathing specifically, is a style of breathing that is diaphragmatic and calming. Controlled breathing is taught through basic, structured courses. According to the app, practicing slow breathing for just 15 minutes each day can have impressive benefits. It has been shown to reduce stress-related illness, help you fall asleep faster and bring down blood pressure levels. Use Universal Breathing - Pranayama, available for both iPhone and Android devices, to gain better focus as well as increased energy and stamina.

For more app suggestions and insight on how technology can enhance your 2016 fitness goals, visit your local Wireless Zone:

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How to Design a Fitness Plan with your Smartphone [Infographic]

Posted by Andrea Drag on Jan 20, 2016 4:58:40 PM



Did you know that your smartphone could be your new best workout pal? Each year, new and improved fitness, nutrition and health apps for smartphone devices make it easier and easier to take control of your fitness and get in shape from the palm of your hand.

Fitness apps make it possible to train wherever and whenever - that's the glory. Forget about the stress of busy evenings at the gym, making it to that boxing class on time or squeezing in a workout on your business trip. From the screen of your smartphone you can follow poses from a trained yoga instructor, perform body weight circuits on your living room rug, follow professional stretching instructions and track a jog in realtime. 



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Top 4 apps for following through with your New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Andrea Drag on Jan 11, 2016 3:06:42 PM
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It's not always easy to keep up with your new year's resolutions, but these apps can help you stay on track.

Another holiday season has come and gone, and the start of another new year is upon us. 2016 is an opportunity for setting new goals and establishing resolutions as well as the chance for a fresh start. From quitting bad habits, losing weight, and reaching career goals, to aspirations of travel and volunteer work, conversations following the holidays quickly turn to hopeful changes for the year to come. The first few weeks of January typically see an influx of people at the gym, more booked flights and increased acts of kindness.

More often than not however, people begin to lose that determination that seemed so abiding in those magical hours leading up the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. A number of apps are hoping to change the new year's resolution game by motivating and helping people stay on track. Here are the best apps for achieving your goals and remaining focused in the new year.

1. Track your goals with Strides


One of the best apps for holding yourself accountable for each of your new year's resolutions is the Strides app, available for free on iPhone devices. This progress-tracking app is designed to remind you of any and all of the goals you have set. Whether you're looking to add more mileage to your running, read more books or save money in the new year, the Stride app has four different kinds of trackers to help you reach those goals - target, average, milestone or habit. Each feature logs your progress, provides reminders and tracks your goals. According to the New York Times, the app design is both elegant and versatile.

A similar app for staying on top of your new year's resolutions called Goal Tracker is available for Android devices.

2. Work on wellness with Lose It!


One of the most common new year's resolutions involves some form of diet, weight-loss or exercise. It may be easy to use new year excitement and adrenaline to eat healthy and hit the gym every day, but as January starts to wane it may become more and more difficult to stay on track. That's when an app such as Lose It! comes in handy. Available on both iPhone and Android devices, Lose It! helps you to create a personalized weight loss plan and stick to it. Once you've set your daily calorie intake limit, the app helps you track your food consumption and daily exercise. Features such as the barcode scanner and recipe builder make it easier than ever to log calories. The Tech Times reported that Lose It! also has challenges available for those who need a boost of competition to get going, as well as several social features that allow users to share their weight-loss journey.

3. Quit a habit with Smoke Free


According to Time magazine, the goal to quit smoking on the first day of January is among the list of top ten most commonly broken new year's resolutions. Quitting the extremely addictive habit of smoking is certainly no easy feat to accomplish. However, it may have just gotten easier with the Smoke Free app, available on both iPhone and Android devices. The app boasts more than 20 different evidence-based techniques to help you live a life without smoking. Concrete facts such as how many days you've been smoke free, how much money you've saved and the number of cigarettes you haven't smoked. The app can also tell you how your life and health has improved by eliminating smoking from your daily routine.

The app also serves as a voluntary scientific experiment if you choose to take part. You can still download the app without participating and for those who do choose to take part, all data will remain anonymous and you have the option of deleting it at any time. The hope is that scientists will discover how to help others quit smoking. Log your cravings and access the notes and graphs section that identifies patterns and areas where cravings congregate. Perhaps most important, the Smoke Free description on iTunes says that the mission of the app has been proven to double one's chance of quitting.

4. Manage your money with Mint


This free money-managing app is one of the best ones out there and has been around for quite some time. Best of all, it's free and available on both iPhone and Android devices. Bringing all of your accounts into one accessible place enables Mint to organize your expenses, create bill reminders, provide money-saving tips and create a budget based on your spending habits. The app categorizes each of your transactions, making it easier to manage your finances and notice any problems before they become too large. If your goal is to save money in the coming year, this app is for you.

Best of luck on your new years resolutions - be sure to subscribe to our blog for all the latest tech tips and tricks in 2016!

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Capture Every Holiday Memory with One of These High-Performance Smartphone Cameras

Posted by Andrea Drag on Dec 16, 2015 5:00:48 PM

With the end of the year comes no shortage of postcard-worthy photo opportunities, especially on days when the entire family is together under the same roof. For most folks short of professional photographers, the chore of lugging around a digital camera has been made obsolete by the popularity of the smartphone. Each year, smartphone cameras become more powerful and sophisticated, meaning it's easier than ever to snap great shots from your mobile. 

The good news is that phone manufacturers as an industry have focused on camera development, so great cameras can be found across the price spectrum. The following devices make up the top tier of smartphones for shutterbugs currently on the market and are the perfect request for your holiday wish list.

Samsung's Galaxy S6 delivers crisp details in low light


London features some of the bleakest, murkiest weather in the world, making it a perfect testing ground for the latest generation of smartphone cameras. Following a direct picture quality comparison performed in London on a cloudy day, U.K. tech blog PC Advisor ranked the 16 megapixel camera aboard Samsung Galaxy S6 (and, subsequently, the S6 Edge and Edge Plus, which use the same camera) as the best in the market by a long shot, especially with regard to delivering highly detailed photos in minimal lighting. If you absolutely must have the best camera phone available this holiday season, Samsung's latest and greatest devices are the way to go.


iPhone fans will enjoy taking sharp, colorful photos


The Apple faithful won't be disappointed with the 12 megapixel camera equipped on the iPhone 6s. The tech giant added new sensors, signal processors and image stabilization technologies to considerably improve performance over previous iterations of the iPhone. iCloud connectivity also makes it a breeze to access the pictures you take on your phone from the rest of your Apple devices. This is especially convenient for smartphone photographers who typically edit their photos on their laptop or desktop. The iPhone 6s also includes Live Photos, which owners can use to bring their favorite snapshots to life in a whole new way.


Expandable storage makes the LG G4 a good choice for shutterbugs


You might not want to get the hottest pieces of mobile equipment on the market just to snag a reliable camera phone for the holiday season. Thankfully, you won't have to face that ultimatum. Options like the LG G4 have plenty of perks for camera phone lovers without the top-notch price of the new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy models. Not only is the LG G4's 16-megapixel camera a noticeable upgrade over LG's former flagship, up to 2 TB of upgradable storage makes the device ideal for saving days or weeks worth of photos, according to CNET.

The HTC One M9 delivers great pictures on a budget


HTC's One M9 won't make as big of a dent in your pocketbook as other high-performance smartphones, but that doesn't mean you'll get the short end of the selfie-stick. This chrome-accented device boasts a 20-megapixel camera and the ability to simultaneously take photos with the front and rear cameras. The HTC One M9 comes packaged with the Zoe app, which makes it easy to share photos directly with friends and family with the same device. If you've got a house full of smartphone photographers, then the low-priced HTC One M9 may be the right choice for your next family plan update.

For the latest smartphones and tech accesories this holiday season, visit your local Wireless Zone. 

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4 Must-Have Apps for Preparing your Holiday Feast

Posted by Andrea Drag on Dec 9, 2015 11:37:56 AM

One of the best parts of the holiday season is all of the festive meals, the savory treats and the tasty cocktails. From gingerbread cookies and winter-inspired drinks to pecan pies and Christmas Day hams, there's always something to indulge in during this time of year. If you're the one doing most of the baking, mixing and cooking you may have a lot on your plate. However, a few handy smartphone apps can mean the difference between a successful family gathering and a kitchen disaster. With a few of these helpful apps, cooking will be another reason to celebrate this holiday season.


1. Food Network In the Kitchen

Cook with award-winning chefs Giada De Laurentiis, Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri, and more. Think of it has having your own personal top-chef right there in the kitchen with you, walking you through each step and ingredient. The Food Network In The Kitchen app, available on both Android and iPhone devices, provides you with easy how-to videos and recipes. Recipe selection is available by chefs or ingredients. You can even store your favorite ones, add notes to recipes and create a personalized shopping list based on what you'll need.


2. BigOven

Named the "Best App for Foodies" by PC Magazine, BigOven is your go-to guide for all things cooking this holiday season. With over 350,000 recipes to choose from there's no way you'll ever need to search through page after page of your old cookbook again. All recipes are sorted by season, diet, course, holiday and more, making it easy to find exactly which one you're looking for. Available for both Android and iPhone devices, this app also comes with a menu planner and grocery list, making your planning as easy as ever. Perhaps the best part of BigOven is the way in which it can help you with all of those holiday leftovers. All you have to do is type in up to three ingredients that you have leftover and it will turn out a list of ideas for what you can make.


3. Yummly

With the Yummly app, for both Android and iPhone users, you'll never again have to worry about finding that little scrap of paper with your grandmother's favorite carrot cake recipe scrawled on it. When the rush of the holidays is in full swing, keeping track of all the cookbook pages you've tagged, magazine pages you've cut out and TV shows you've saved will no longer slow you down. This app will become your new best friend when it comes to storing all of your favorite recipes in one place. Unique search options will save you time as well, narrowing results based on cook time, allergies, nutrition and more.


4. NYT Cooking

If you're a fan of incredible food photography, the New York Times Cooking app is for you. Bright, vivid photos of delicious meals will inspire you to get cooking. Get all of the latest recipes but also search by specific festive collections such as "Easy Cakes" and "A Taste of New Orleans" to find the perfect dessert or dish to complete your holiday meal. Another bonus of this great app is the setting that doesn't allow the phone screen to go to sleep while you're still busy in the kitchen. As long as the recipe is on the screen, you won't have to worry about dirtying your smart phone device with your chocolate-covered fingers to get the instructions back. Available for iPhone users, this New York Times Cooking app will be the perfect way to spice things up in the kitchen this season.


For great holiday gift ideas and more app suggestions, visit your local Wireless Zone.

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Winter is Coming: Protect your Tech from the Cold with these 4 Tricks

Posted by Andrea Drag on Dec 2, 2015 12:27:35 PM



Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the colder weather and snow flurries are welcomed by many. In some parts of the country, winter is already in full swing and preparing for the drop in temperature is necessary. From checking heating systems, putting snow tires on your car and closing up the house, there is a lot to be done. With so much going on, it may not cross your mind to prepare your smartphone for the cold winter weather though this necessity could be a device saver in the long run.

According to the International Business Times, several problems can arise when your iPhone or Android device is exposed to cold temperatures. From issues with performance, battery life and screen visibility, there is a lot that can go wrong with your valuable smartphone. Here are several tips for protecting that expensive piece of technology in your pocket this winter:

1. Limit usage when outside


It may be tempting to take a Snapchat of the freshly fallen snow or Instagram a video of your friend skiing down the black diamond. However, one of the best tips for protecting your phone in the winter is to limit usage when you're outdoors. Save that phone call or text message until you're in the warmth of your office or home. If you're listening to music or a podcast, use headphones and keep your device tucked into the warmth of your pocket or briefcase. Additionally, avoid leaving your smartphone in a cold car for an extended period of time.

2. Allow your device to warm up


According to CNN, smartphones aren't made to outlast cold temperatures and most devices encounter problems when exposed to temperatures below freezing. The cold weather causes smartphone batteries, made of lithium-ion, to drain much faster than normal. Sometimes a smartphone device may even die without warning. However, these problems are not permanent and your phone will recover when brought inside. Smartphones will only stop working completely when exposed to temperatures -40 degrees Fahrenheit and below, according to IBT.

It is critical to allow your device ample time to warm up before powering it back on. Allow it to warm up for at least 10 or 15 minutes when you're out of the cold. Turning your iPhone or Android back on too soon could cause permanent issues.

3. Use gadget-ready gloves


If you really can't resist whipping out your smartphone to take a picture of the perfect snowman you've made, you'll want to invest in a specific glove that has conductive fabric on the finger tips. All smartphone devices use capacitive touch screens which won't work if your finger is blocked by a thick wool glove. Gaget-ready gloves are widely available and quite inexpensive, however if you aren't interested in purchasing them, the tip of your nose is another alternative for getting the screen to register your cues.

4. Invest in a weatherproof case


If you've paid for a quality iPhone or Android, it is most certainly worth spending a couple more dollars on a sturdy, durable case to protect it. Heavy duty, life-proof and weatherproof cases are recommended in the winter. Not only will these cases keep your smartphone warm, it will also help to prevent cracks if dropped on a cold surface. Stop into your local Wireless Zone to pick out the best case for your device and to hear protection recommendation based on your favorite winter activities.

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Divide and Conquer Black Friday Shopping with your Smartphone [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Andrea Drag on Nov 25, 2015 1:21:47 PM


With 300 million other shoppers to compete with this Black Friday, drafting a strategy for the year’s biggest shopping event is essential. Tactical shopping will help you and your family save big on this year’s most popular holiday gift items, and your smartphone can be a huge asset in this November endeavor.


Remember these helpful tips and apps:

Get your smartphone ready for Black Friday by loading strategic shopping apps onto your device:

  • RedLaser, available for Apple and Android devices, can be used to find which stores offer the lowest prices on your wishlist favorites.
  • Your favorite retailer's shopping app may have coupons and exclusive black friday sale ads. See the shopping category on Google Play and iTunes for your go-to stores.
  • Route4me can help you plan out your driving routes for an entire weekend of sales more effiencitely. Get it for Apple or Android

Clear communication will make your mission a success

The most basic functions of a smartphone - the ability to effectively communicate -  can be a lifesaver when it comes to shopping smart. It's no secret you’ll be able to cover more ground and take advantage of better deals by assigning your family to different stores. Keeping in touch, whether by phone, messenger, text or face chat is a cinch if every member of your family has a smartphone. Syncing up over your phones is also a great way to change up the plan on the fly when family members stumble onto deals that are too good to pass up.

Best of luck on your Black Friday shopping spree!

Be sure to visit your local Wireless Zone for exclusive Black Friday deals on your favorite devices and tech this holiday season! 

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6 strategies for extending your smartphone battery life before the holidays

Posted by Andrea Drag on Nov 20, 2015 5:27:08 PM


Your smartphone is a lifesaver during the hustle-bustle holiday season. The ability to coordinate travel with your loved ones, look up traffic-free routes between shopping destinations, make Black Friday purchases and collect family favorite recipes on the same device makes the holidays easier to handle than ever before. However, having all this functionality at your fingertips won't be terribly convenient if your smartphone battery goes into the red a few hours into your errand runs.

Battery life is an often overlooked feature that has an enormous impact on smartphone and tablet functionality. During the holidays, when your smartphone's apps become extra vital to managing your life, battery life becomes even more important. Applying a few of the following tips can help you get the most out of your smartphone battery over the busy days that are fast approaching.

1. Stop your screen from eating up the phone's charge


The first place to start looking for battery waste is actually staring right back at you whenever you use your smartphone. Making a few adjustment to how your phone's screen performs on a day-to-day basis can have a big impact on how long your device's battery can last.

PC Advisor noted that as displays have become brighter and more colorful, they have also begun to draw a larger share of the phone's battery power. Dimming your phone's brightness and shortening the device's timeout length in the screen settings will help you start to extend the life of your smartphone.

2. Make a habit of quitting apps that run in the background


A smartphone's ability to effectively multi-task and run multiple apps at once is essential. However, this functionality can quickly backfire if users develop bad habits about letting apps run in the background for hours at a time.

Part of the problem for many users is that they have so many apps that it becomes difficult to manage which programs are sending and receiving data behind the scenes. The best first step is to delete all the apps you haven't used in weeks, according to Time. You can always download them again in the future, so don't be shy about eliminating everything but your must-haves.

After you've deleted the fluff, take close look at which of your apps are updating automatically and decide if some of them can't stand to reload whenever you open the app. Limiting the amount of apps running in the background in this way can also go a long way toward extending your phone's battery life.

3. Minimize dependence on map services and other GPS apps


While maps and other locator apps that take advantage of your phone's GPS are extremely convenient for getting around during the holidays, running these apps constantly will put a large strain on your battery and could, ironically, leave you lost or stranded with a dead phone. Consider planning out trips and save the directions to your smartphone's notepad app, then using the phone's GPS as a frame of reference when you lose your way. This approach will minimize the extra drain on your battery that comes with continuous map navigation.

4. Download an app that will assist you in battery management


Though limiting app usage is a big part of saving your smartphone's battery life during the holidays, you can also use apps to make sure you are using your device as efficiently as possible. For example, Battery Doctor, available for iPhone and Android devices, can be used to identify which apps use the most battery life and provides free tips for battery maintenance. Battery saver apps are also useful for providing more accurate estimates of how long your battery will last depending on which apps you need to use. This level of detail information can be extremely useful if you find yourself in a tight spot while checking off the to-do list.

5. Invest in a battery extender or portable charger. 


Even the most battery-conscious consumers have experienced the frustration of their smartphone hitting the zero percent mark and shutting down in the middle of a busy day out and about. Having a contingency plan in these unforunate scenerios can save you the greif of being off-the-grid when trying to coordinate plans with friends and family, getting lost without a working smartphone GPS and lacking access to information in your handy apps, email, and memos. 

6. Shop around for a device with superior battery life


Sometimes no matter how hard you try to extend your phone's battery life, the device may still come up short. There are a few scenarios that could be responsible for this dwindling performance, including the age of the device and the device's design. Do a little digging online to determine if other users have found consistent battery life issues using the same model as your own device. A visit to your local Wireless Zone will provide insights into battery performance as well. 

If it turns out that your smartphone battery life worries aren't solvable, it may be time to purchase yourself an early holiday gift in the form of a new device with a more reliable full charge. The latest devices on the market, like the new iPhone 6s, boast battery lives upwards of 15 to 30 hours of use, depending on how frequently high-intensity apps are used on a daily basis, according to Trusted Reviews.

 Visit your local Wireless Zone for more great battery extending tips and all the latest devices.

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5 tips to help you avoid losing your phone this fall

Posted by Andrea Drag on Nov 4, 2015 4:28:03 PM

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and the craziness of the holiday season is fast approaching. During these busy weeks your smartphone can come in handy on a regular basis, acting as a digital personal assistant and a means of coordinating your family's schedule. Just think of how inconvenient managing the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be without your smartphone. Unfortunately, this overbearing busyness creates extra opportunities for smartphone mishaps. Whether the device gets left behind or lifted from your pocket, your risk for losing track of your device are at an all-time high this time of year. Getting a better grasp of the situation and a better grip on your phone could save you hours of frustration and hundreds of dollars.

Break in some new handling habits

Ultimately, keeping your phone out of harm's way comes down to turning phone management into a routine. At home, consider picking a permanent spot to place and charge your phone. Losing your phone at home will become considerably easier after training yourself to keep your phone on your person or in the device's charging area. At work, pick a drawer or another out of site place to hide your phone while you are away from your desk. Better to be safe than sorry, especially if you work in an expansive office with a large number of employees that often gets visitors. You may want to impose some personal rules about using your device at places like bars, the movies or on public transportation - leaving your device out on seats, counters or tables in public places puts your smartphone at high risk for theft.

Get in touch with your provider immediately

You'll have to act fast if you suspect your smartphone has been stolen. According to USA Today, your first move should be to contact your service provider. They may be able to lock or blacklist the phone. If all else fails, looping them into the situation will ensure you won't be charged for purchases made on the device. Once the provider has been updated, consider filing a police report and provide the authorities with the phone's serial number. Taking these steps right away could prevent your smartphone from being lost for good.

Leave helpful hints for good Samaritans

Another way to prevent your phone from being lost for good is to leave a bit of contact information on your smartphone. Consumer Reports recommended taping a small note to the back of the body of your smartphone beneath the case, including contact information like your email or social media info. This preparation makes it easy for any good-intentioned person who finds your phone to reach out to you and return the device.

Activate your phone's ringtone via email

Android and Apple users have an extra resource for finding their phones in case their devices are displaced. Android phones running version 2.2 or later can set up the Android Device Manager under the phone's Google Settings. This feature makes it a breeze to locate your phone through its built-in GPS via any computer with an Internet connection. Likewise, Apple iPhone owners can use Find My Phone and their iTunes account to find a missing phone in case of an emergency.

Lighten your load with a sleeker case

One issue that can hamper your ability to keep track of your smartphone is a case that adds too much size and density. A hard plastic exterior may keep your smartphone safe from falls, but the utility of the case suffers if you can no longer fit the device in your pocket. Thankfully, firmer, thinner cases are available on the market that find the sweet spot between durability and finesse. A quick visit to your local Wireless Zone provides a chance to inspect the type of case materials on the market and find the accessory that's a perfect fit for your phone. You'll be less likely to leave your device out in the open once slipping your smartphone into your pocket becomes a seamless move.

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