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Cellular Chloe's Top 5 Vacation Tech Tips

Posted by Cellular Chloe on Jun 17, 2013 3:37:00 PM

Tech tips for Whatever Type of “__cation” you are Planning This Summer

Whether you plan to hit the open road or stay local when the kiddies get out of school for summer vacation, I’d like to share some handy vacation tech tips.

1. Stay off Facebook
Even if your Facebook account is on security lockdown and only your immediate family can see it, I NEVER advocate posting either vacation status or pictures until you return. So many people don’t take into consideration that you are basically saying, “My whole family is in Florida, here we are at Space Mountain in Disney…why don’t you stop by our house at your convenience (right up until I post that I have safely landed at the airport) and help yourself to all of our valuables.”  It’s truly amazing how smart and dumb people can be at the same time.

2. Watch your house from your phone
Take advantage of the awesome technology that you can connect to your cell phone so you can monitor your house while you are away.

Switches-Turn lamps on/off so it looks like someone is home. Turn the lights/AC on prior to getting home from vacation.

Indoor or Outdoor Cameras-give yourself some piece of mind by being able to check in on the house while you are away.

3.Trip Apps


Just about everyone makes a list and checks it twice before they go on any kind of trip.  There’s just one problem.  Half the time, you’ll forget to add one thing and you’ll never end up putting it in your bag.  Who needs a tooth brush anyways?  Then I found uPackingList.  Here are two reasons why I’d rather use this app. 

  1. There are a TON of preloaded items including necessities like toiletries and clothing, but it also has additions like preparations such as getting prescriptions or emptying your camera’s memory card.  Those aren't things I would personally think of on a check off list right away but at the same time, it’s something commonly forgotten. 
  2. You’ll most likely have your phone/tablet with you on your trip.  The best part of having a digital list is that when you’re unpacking at your destination/ repacking to head home, your list is already done for you!  Plus, that paper list is probably the most common forgotten vacation item anyways.


Ever wish you could have right down to the second traffic info while you're driving?  With this app you can have it all.  All you have to do is have Waze running while you're driving and it’ll give you updates on what’s going on up ahead.  Whether its traffic, an accident, or police up the road, you’ll be in the know.  The best part is that this app is updated from the people around you.  Who knows what’s going on better than those who are experiencing it at that moment?  There’s also a gas tracking feature so you can get the best price when you need it.  In the idea of being a safe driver, you might want to activate the voice command and the hand gesture features.


4. Don’t forget to bring some power! You are bound to bring eReaders and tablets and smartphones so make sure you bring whatever you need to charge them!

Monster Outlets To Go-You might want to bring a universal charger so you don’t need multiple chargers. $60
Monster Power Outlets to Go

Monster Power-If you are going to be limited for outlets (like a hotel room or a stateroom on  a cruise) this will turn one outlet into three plus two USB ports and it's small and portable. $30
Monster Power Outlets To Go

Juicebar Mobile Chargers
Don’t run out of phone battery all day at the beach or hiking or wherever summer takes you. Take a charge with you. Charge the juicebar at home so you have it when you need it. $39



5. Use the Clouds to keep all your info close at hand

When you travel, chances are you are going to need to access confirmation #’s or 800’s or other info related to your plans. Evernote is a great place to keep all of the info you may readily need to access. There is a mobile app available for all Operating Systems so you can put your fingers on that info you need pretty quickly.

evernote itinerary

Plane tickets
Hotel, rental car confirmation #’s
Digital copy of your Passport


Have a great vacation and stay safe out there!


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