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How Your Smartphone Will Get You a Better Night Sleep?

Posted by Cellular Chloe on May 9, 2013 2:04:00 PM

Are you getting enough sleep? Is it productive? I have 2 apps and a few optional plug-ins that will help you get that question answered. Maybe you already know the answer is "no" and perhaps you can learn some things about your sleep hygiene and find out how to improve your ability to get as much deep sleep as possible. Simply getting more sleep isn't always the answer.

For a total of $4.18 (obviously not including the device to run it on!), I have greatly improved my quality of sleep and I will show you how!
Sleep As Android FREE
Sleep as Android Unlock $2.89
Sleep Stats $1.29
Twilight FREE

Sleep As Android

I use this app religiously every night. Its an Android app (clearly) and it's free from the Play Store. There are a few plug-ins that you can get to go along with it which are not free but only $1-3. I bought two of the plug-ins and in total I only spent about $4.18. 

Here are a few awesome features that make the $2.89 price a STEAL!


Sleep quality measuring through deep sleep %
Sleep statistics with Sleep Stats add-on
Sleep talk and snoring noise recording
Click here for info about sleep stats and plug-in

Smart Wake Up Alarm clock (see video below) Wake up gently when you are in a light sleep state
Setup alarms with a wheel control, text-to-speech or by typing
Napping support
Nature sound and wake up with your music
Multiple repeating alarms with different settings
CAPTCHAS guarantee you get from bed in the morning
  • QR Code CAPTCHA - alarm won't stop unless you scan a QR Code in your bathroom or elsewhere that will require you to get out of bed.
  • Shake your phone CAPTCHA-shake your phone heavily to stop the alarm
  • Math CAPTCHA-solve simple mathematical equations to stop the alarm
  • Sleeping Sheep Catpcha-awake with this game of finding the awake sheep in a sleeping herd
Time to Bed Timer and Notification
Your phone will alert you that it is time to go to bed based on the set alarm time so you can get in an optimal amount of sleep



Fall asleep pleasantly with real-time synthesized music- no playback will ever be the same
  • dive in the ocean with a herd of whales
  • lay in the grass beside a mountain stream surrounded by various kinds of birds, frogs or crickets,
  • walk on a sandy beach near a port
  • listen to the crackling wood of a fireplace

lullaby sleep as android


Free in the Play Store
Many people don't realize that using their cellphone, tablet ot laptop late at night will cause them to be stimulated enough to have a hard time falling asleep. This is all due to the blue light that your phone etc give off that may distort your natural circadian rhythm. I downloaded an app to my phone called Twilight (sorry, it has nothing to do with vampires) that reduces the output of blue light as it gets closer to my bedtme. The image on the right below is my screen with and without the filter.
twilight filter twilight app 

The result is the Melanopsin photoreceptor in my eyes doesn't block the production of Melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for relaxing the body enough to fall asleep allowing for healthy sleep/wake cycles, or healthy sleep hygiene, as it is often referred to.

The folks at URBANANDROID are either creating a superhuman race of Sleep Walkers or they really care about our health! They have several sleep related apps.
Urbandroid apps

Sweet dreams!



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