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iOS 6.1.2 Software Update. Batteries Rejoice!

Posted by Cellular Chloe on Feb 20, 2013 1:51:00 PM

Apple is finally rectifying the whole battery issue that was a result of iOS 6. When iOS 6 came out, everyone wanted to get a piece of it. Apple Maps were supposed to be as great as Google Maps and there were all kinds of enhancements like turn by turn directions that made the upgrade so compelling that I personally stopped everything the minute my phone was ready for it. It took about an hour and a half because the rest of the world was probably downloading it too. That being the case, the rest of the world experienced what I did. Horrible battery drain.

Here is Apple's explanation of the improvements, short and sweet...

Fixes an Exchange calendar bug that could result in increased network activity and reduced battery life.

I love the use of the word "could" in there!

Here's the easiest way to complete the upgrade.

Plug your phone into whatever computer you access iTunes from.
You'll see this, or something like it without MY NAME on it:

iOS 6.1.2 upgrade

You can proceed from here or do it on the phone.

First I suggest doing a backup.

How to back up

  1. Connect your iOS device to a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed.
  2. Click the File menu and select Devices > Back up.
  1. Connect your iOS device to a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed.
  2. Open the iOS device's Summary tab. There are two ways to access this:
    Click the device button in the upper right corner. (If viewing the iTunes Store, click the Library button in the upper right corner. The device button will then be visible.)
    • From any view in iTunes, click the View menu and select Show Sidebar. Select your iOS device in iTunes under Devices.
  3. Click the Back Up Now button.
  4. You should see this
    iOS backup
To verify that the backup finished successfully, open iTunes Preferences and select the Devices tab. The name of the device will appear along with the date and time the backup was created.

Download and Install

Once BackUp is complete, from your phone:

  1. Go to settings>General>Software Update.
  2. Click Download and Install
  3. Agree to the terms and Conditions
  4. Click Download and Install.

It should take about 20 min to download, depending on what kind of server or Wi-Fi you are on.Istalling is about another 10 minutes.

That's it. Let me know if your battery lasts forever like it did before iOS6!

Peace out



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