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Is this the Year of BlackBerry?

Posted by Cellular Chloe

Why We Should Give BlackBerry a Chance

Now, they might not have had the best reputation for the past few years, but I believe BlackBerry has a chance for a huge comeback. With all the new technology smartphones have now, I think it’s time we give BlackBerry a fair chance. With the new BlackBerry models slated to release around mid March, who knows, they might come to surprise you. Considering they were the tech titans of the early 2000’s I feel like we at least owe them the benefit of the doubt. Here are some reasons why:

BlackBerry Messenger  (BBM) Features

Everyone knows the original BBM, aka AIM for BlackBerry users. In BB 10, it’s beefed up with some sweet features. Now you can switch from using the BBM texting to a phone call from within the app. They’ve also added in a new video messaging service into the mix with an awesome added feature, screen share. This allows you to emulate what you have on your screen over to your friend. So if you had a picture or a website you really wanted to have them see, you could do it with just one click.

BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry Hub Peek Preview

This is an interesting take on organization. With the Hub service, all – and I mean all- of your messages and notifications are in one convenient spot. Instead of switching between Facebook, texting, Twitter, or your three different email addresses, you can see them all at once. There’s also a feature allowing you to peek into the hub when you get a notification without pulling you out of what you're doing.

BlackBerry Balance

It’s hard to go back and forth between work and personal programs on your phone. That is, until BlackBerry came along. They want to make good on their old “BlackBerry is a Work Phone” idea. Using the Balance feature, you can keep work separate. Not only that, but it’ll keep you from making horrible mistakes like posting something to Facebook when you should be on the job. In work mode, it disables the ability to post in any social media networks.

BlackBerry Protect

Along with the awesome features above, this one is set up to keep all of your personal effects safe. Using BlackBerry’s online system you can remotely lock and locate your lost or stolen phone. It doesn’t stop there, in case you feel that you won’t be seeing your phone any time soon, you can remotely erase all data on the phone as well as the SD card.

BlackBerry hasn’t stopped there. They included even more features that improve the user experience, including adding NFC and expanding their BlackBerry World App store. They’ve also added in the ability to stream video to HDTV or DLNA enabled devices.

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Thinking twice about turning in my cell phone for a new Blackberry. Loved the original Blackberry and its ability to access calendars and contacts easily. It seems like they real want to make it work.

posted @ Tuesday, February 19, 2013 10:33 PM by Kim Osanitsch

I don't really see anything here that all the other phones don't already have. Unless people are super nostalgic for their oldschool smartphones I don't see this being a big seller.

posted @ Friday, February 22, 2013 11:30 AM by Joel

Joel, Blackberry got left in the dust but there are still a lot of fans out there that won't give up their Blackberry's. I don't necessarily envision iOS or Android users racing to the stores to get a Blackberry but now the people that still have them have something to look forward to. Also there are kids (and technology resistant adults)transitioning from basic phones to smartphones everyday. They will now have another OS to chose from and you never know, it just might be a Blackberry. I'm an Android girl and I'm going to give it a try (with my second line-I'll never give up my Android!) 
One other point, there are still 80 million Blackberry subscribers in Canada. They are probably coming due for upgades!

posted @ Friday, February 22, 2013 4:15 PM by Cellular Chloe

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