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Smart Tips for New Smartphone/Tablet Users

Posted by Cellular Chloe on Jan 24, 2013 10:27:00 PM

So...you got a new Smartphone or Tablet?

1. Get a good case.

With today’s smartphones and tablets getting longer and thinner, they’ve become very fragile.  It’s usually the first drop that takes your phone out of commission.  However, for those who are a tad adventurous or who happen to be a bit clumsy, there are some awesome cases available.  For all makes and models of phones, and many tablets there are the ever trusty Otterbox cases that range from a pretty decent amount of protection to a hefty amount just shy of a bunker.   If you're an iPhone user and you subject your phone to dirt, water, snow or shock you’d want to look at getting a Lifeproof case.

Otterbox  Lifeproof
 Otterbox Reflex Series  Lifeproof Waterproof Case



2. Install Lookout.

I wouldn’t turn my phone on without having this app installed! There is so much goodness packed into this app!
  • Scans for bad apps that might contain malware or spyware.
  • Finds your lost phone or tablet
  • Backs up your Contacts, Photos, Call History
  • Protects your privacy
lookout lookout
The cost for the premium version is 2.99/mo or 29.99/year. 

3. Shut off WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS when not in use.

These services are all battery hogs because while they are turned on they are constantly searching for signal. When you aren't using them, you definitely want to shut them down or they will drain your battery in the blink of an eye. You can install individual widgets or a power control strip to turn them on and off easily. Some widgets will let you see if they are on or off without having to actually click on it, which serves as a gentle reminder that you battery will be dead in no time!

4. Dim screen slightly to save massive amount of battery.

If you are new to smartphones or tablets, you are new to how much battery is eaten up just to radiate that large screen. To find out what app or service is taking up the most battery power go to Menu>Settings>Battery and screen is usually #1 item using the most battery power. You'll be surprised at how much you can dim the screen and it is still adequately luminated. Go to your menu and bring the brightness down even 10% to save battery power throughout the day.


5. Watch your data usage.

Install My Verizon or a widget to keep track of your data usage. You can set levels or alerts to let you know when you have almost reached your limit. If you are new to the smartphone arena, you didn't have to worry about this before but with smartphones and the mobile broadband you might need to supply Wi-Fi to your tablet, you are required to carry a data plan and you don't want to go over and incur extra charges.

Data usage data usage 

6. Get a car charger.

You might notice after a few days of using your new smartphone that it eats up the battery.  That’s why car chargers are always a must.  Before you know it, you’ll be out of power and if you're not home to juice up, a car charger will be the next best thing.  There are many different styles like a charger with a USB port so you can mix and match cords or with multiple USB ports so you can share the energy.  You can generally get a great charger for around $20-$30.
See the video from Fox 61:

Enjoy your new device! Let us know what you got and how you are liking it. -CC

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