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8 Wonders of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Update

Posted by Cellular Chloe on May 10, 2012 1:39:00 PM

I gotta tell you, I am long overdue for a trip to building 44. My last Android OS rock star photo was with the Honeycomb. The Ice Cream Sandwich has been chillin’ on the lawn over there waiting for me. Check out my OS pix from last year!  Below, I will remind you what to expect with ICS and some if the great features it has to offer. 

Face Unlock:

face unlock ICS

This feature has the ability to unlock your phone by just looking at it. Cool huh? When you initially set up face unlock, it’ll take a few screen shots of yourself so the phone can recognize you in different scenarios. Although this isn’t a perfected means of unlocking your phone (people have found that they can use a picture to unlock their phones) there is still a button that’ll take you to a manual unlocking setup.

Data Counter:

This is for everyone out there who’s settled into the new tiered data plan. If you’re ever afraid that you might go over your data plan, there’s a built-in setting to help you out. Here, you’ll find a chart that shows you just how much data you’ve used during your cycle. This feature can also chart out how much 4G LTE/3G data you’ve used in comparison to how much Wi-Fi data you’ve used. There’s even a setting to warn you when you get too close to your data limit. 

Live Effects:

Ever wondered what you’d look like with a larger nose or if your friend had really large eyes?  With this new feature, you can find all that out and more. This feature is linked into the video camera settings and can be used while you’re filming live! This also simulates many functions that an actual video camera would have as well.

Screen Shots:

screenshot ics

This is the first time the ability to take a screen shot from a phone has ever been offered through Android phones. This feature makes use of the buttons on the side of your phone to snap the shot. This picture gets stored into your camera files so you can edit and share straight from your picture gallery.

Wi-Fi Direct:

With this feature, there’s no need to have a wireless network, data, or Bluetooth connection in order transfer files between two Wi-Fi Direct enabled phones. Through using Wi-Fi Direct, phones can transfer contacts, share pictures, and even stream videos. Wi-Fi Direct can also connect to comparable printers and other devices for file sharing.

Calendar Pinch:

A new feature within the calendar app is the ability to widen or shrink your daily events.  While looking in the week or daily calendar, you can pinch in to see what else you have going or you can pull out your calendar to see more detail on a specific event you have going on.

Drag to Unlock:

Straight from the unlock screen, you can now open up your camera, drag down your notifications, and even manage your music! Note: this feature doesn’t work if you have a security lock feature enabled. 

NFC /Android Beam:

Ever heard of Near Field Communication? Most people haven’t. It’s kind of like using an EZ-Pass, where you don’t need to stop at a toll to pay your way through. You just need to have a device attached to your car and it’ll read your information while you drive right on through. Android Beam incorporates the NFC technology to make file sharing and making payments as easy as possible. Using Android Beam, you can transfer just about anything from contacts to music to apps, even as a method of payment all with a wave of your phone.

With all of these new features, no one will want to pass up having an Android phone! Let me rephrase that...No one will want to pass up having an Android phone with Ice Cream Sandwich!

ice cream sandwich google google 44 ice cream sandwich 


Don’t forget my prediction… when the RAZR MAXX gets ICS it will be the closest thing to THE PERFECT PHONE.  I would have said it would be THE PERFECT PHONE but I’m sure I can always think of that one extra thing that would make it just a smidge more perfect so I’ll always leave the manufacturers something to strive for! 

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