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20 Cool Droid Apps, A Great Time Waster!

Posted by Cellular Chloe on Dec 30, 2009 12:20:00 PM

First and foremost, none of these apps will help you be more productive, save you time or money or accomplish anything other than killing time and maybe a few brain cells. None-the-less they were all free and looked cool enough to install.

1. Trap! This is an addictive game. Basically you have a live area with balls moving randomly about. You have to capture 75% of the screen to move to the next level. It took me a little while to get a good strategy down, now I'm one level below Master. Sounds good but above that is still Champion and Overlord. Its good to have goals! If you nail one of those scores, let me know!

Droid App Trap
Droid Game Trap
Android App Trap


2. Google Sky Map A star map for Android. Google Sky Map turns your Android-powered mobile phone into a dynamic window on the night sky. When you point your phone up you will see a map of the brightest stars, constellations, and planets in that part of the sky. Now you can acurately point out where the big and little dippers are. Don't try to use this app with Google's turn by turn navigation. That could get weird!

Google Sky Map Android App
Google Sky Map Android App
Google Sky Map Android App


3. Desk Bell This app will start off to be cool to everyone. After a few minutes, it could get you and the Droid throw out a window! Anyway, I bartend and the cook came out of the kitchen and I used it to signal her that I had an order. Usually that noise comes from her in the kitchen along with a loud "pick-up." Can you imaging the look she gave me? Anyway you can use it anywhere you are waiting, whether they have a desk bell or not. BYOB. Bring your own bell!

desk Bell Android App
Desk Bell Android App


4. Twitdroid What more needs to be said. A must have for all tweeps.

 Android app TwitDroid Android app TwitDroid
Android app TwitDroid


5. Caller ID Faker This should really be called Voice Disguiser. The caller ID part doesn't work-you are supposed to be able to put in a random #. FAIL. You can change your voice to man or woman, so that's fun enough to keep you entertained and more importantly trick your friends.

6. Coin Flip Simply for those times no one has a quarter to flip.

7. Dice Simply for those times no one has any dice. You can add up to 6 Dice...and it totals them for you right away. The only thing is, you tap the screen to shake them up. Some devices allow you to physically shake the phone to shake them up.

8. DroidLight For those times you don't have a flashlight. I'm assuming everyone takes their phone to bed so its the perfect flashlight to find your bed after you shut all the lights off.

9. Magic Eight Ball Are you still with me? Then you know I'm going to say...for those times when no one has a magic eight ball.

10. Android Light Saber Admit it, if you had a light saber you'd be slicing up everything under the sun. Well this has a saber on screen only but it makes a really cool sound when you wave it around. It's usually followed by someone saying, "I gotta have that phone."

11. Compass I don't know what I'd use it for, but its cool.

12. Mabilo Ringtones Tons of free ringtones and sound affects.

13. Spark Remember those round plasma balls when you put you hand on them it looked like lightning conducting to your hand? Same concept. You can change color, vibe, frequency and you can put it in ghost mode so it comes up on your home screen and if anyone touches it, they get that lightning volt and can't select anything on the homescreen.
spark android app

14. Screen Crack This might be fun once or twice. If you know someone that has a Droid, it might be fun to install this so they think their screen is cracked. Can you tell I'm all about goofing on people?

14. Steamy Window This one you gotta see to believe. The screen steams up and clears as you wipe it, complete with water droplets running down the screen. Here's the best part, when you blow on the microphone, it steams right back up again.

 steamy window android steamy window android
steamy window android


15. Pedometer Now you don't have to carry an extra device around, making sure you reach your 10,000 steps daily. It even has the ability to calibrate age, weight and stride length, after all it doesn't give you correct KCal or miles without doing that.

16. World Tour Very cool app that lets you set your homescreen wallpaper to an image coming from a selected webcam. The webcams are from all over the world. Choose from a satellite view of the earth, a beach in Fiji, San Francisco Skyline, the view from Sears Tower, SpaceNeedle, Basilicas di S. Pietro in Vatican, Penguins in Antartica, and many many more. And you can set it to random so it changes. The image is periodically fetched so you will always see a pretty current view. All apps vary depending on which Android phone you have. With the HTC Eris you get 7 panels of panoramic scenery, with the Moto Droid, you get three.

 world tour android world tour android


17. Strobe For those times when you don't have a strobe light.. Shut off all the lights, crank up the tunes, turn on the strobe and shake your groove thing, ...and drain your battery on the quick side!

18. TwitQuote In the event you want to sound profound. You can choose from tons of quotes and post them directly to your tweeps on Twitter or send as an SMS. Choose from your favorite authors.

19. Barcode Scanner Absolute must have. Oh, this almost doesn't fit into my list because this might save you time or money! Scan almost any barcode and find out product info, where you can buy it, prices at different locations and it keeps a history of your scans. Last month I was looking into buying a printer so, at the store, when I found one that fit my insane requirements, I scanned the barcode to see how much it cost elsewhere.

barcode scanner android
 barcodescanner barcodescanner


20. Where's My Droid Ever leave it on vibe or silent then forget where you put it? Did you do the smart thing like me and ditch your landline, so now you can't even call it?  If you install this app you can send an SMS from another phone or from your PC and it will force it to ring for 30, 50 seconds or up to 5 minutes.

There are tons of other cool Android apps. And I guarantee you can go toe to toe or touchscreen to touchscreen with any iPhone user. If they find an app the Android Market doesn't have, just remind them and yourself that developers have shifted their interest to developing apps for a platform that will be used by all the carriers in the next year or two and all the manufacturers will have their stakes in, not only for one phone made by one manudacturer. 

Send me suggestions on some other cool (or even functional apps-that'll be my next list) apps to try!
Video of these apps coming soon to http://www.youtube.com/wirelesszone

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