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Must-Have Apps for Your Smartphone

Posted by Kevin Downs

There are tons of apps being developed on a daily basis. I am always on the lookout for cool new apps. Here's my Must-Have app criteria

  1. No one knew you could do this with your phone
  2. I can't wait to tell my techie friends about it
  3. Blows my productivity through the roof
  4. I can't put it down
  5. Solves a problem/Takes care of a need (You may not have known you had!)
  6. Wows me in general

If an app hits on 1, 2 and 3 it's blog worthy, so this is why I'm writing this article.

The first app is called TouchTunes. With it you can control Juke boxed in about 60,000 bars. This app acts as a remote jukebox allowing you to search music available and even play music from your own mobile device. Now you can see why this hits my #1 criteria! This app could get me in trouble! Irt's available on iPhone and Android. The app is free but you'll have to pay for the jukebox plays. Who cares, right? you can skip over the run of awful country music selections some bleeding heart stacked up!

Are you looking to meet someone online? Are you tired of all the hookup apps? Tinder is a spinoff of Facebook. You are probably already on Facebook so what Tinder does is it lets you get a look at people within the criteria you set, then you simply swipe one way for yes and the other for no. Then the only people that can reach out to you are people you've previously ok'd that want to meet you as well. That'll save a lot of time from undesirable people that you'd never consider dating, never mind texting, from sending you messages! The other cool thing is that using your Facebook criteria, it'll show how far this person is away, their first name, and any likes or friends you have in common. You can also message right through the app.

Cover is a really cool screen lock that enables you to have the apps you use readily available. It can also separate them to car, home and work. Using GPS it can determine where you are so it will make the appropriate screen available. Oh yeah, and it's really sharp looking. You can chose from preloaded photos or use your own. Sorry iPhone peeps, it only works on Android.


TimePIN is really clever for people who either can't remember their PIN or never change it which makes it susceptible to hacking. All you do is put the current time in so at 2;16 your PIN is 0216. As long as you don't let on you are using this app no one will ever hack your code and you'll never forget it...unless you forget you have the app! Sorry, iPhone fans, this is another Android specific app.

I am always getting asked how to block calls and text messages. With SPAM on the rise CallBlocker is great for both unwanted calls and texts and you don't have to log into your carriers website to do it. Android(free)  iOS($4.99)




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Awesome apps I would say. I have seen a large number of apps releasing on daily basis but I really liked the apps those have been mentioned here. they really helpful in many ways.

posted @ Monday, April 28, 2014 11:56 PM by Steave@android application developer

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