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Fixes for the Three Biggest iOS7 Upgrade Issues

Posted by Cellular Chloe on Oct 7, 2013 3:58:00 PM

Every time a new iOS update is released, there always seems to be fallout a few days after it takes place. The last major release which was iOS6 caused severe battery drain. The biggest issue with iOS7 seems to be lack of support for 3rd party accessories. There are several other features that iProduct users have found to be less than favorable.


Battery Drain 

Aside from the normal smartphone battery savings tips like shutting off GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth as well as dimming the display, here are some iPhone specific things: 
  • Turn off AirDrop Swipe Control Center up from bottom and select off Toggle
  • Turn off 3D effect Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion.
  • Turn off App Refreshment Settings > General > Background App Refresh
  • Turn off apps you don't want in Notification Center Settings > Notification Center

Phone won't Turn On

  • Use an Apple Cable and plug. Apple is working to block third-party cables and chargers by including an authenticator chip in its official cables. Several complaints have arisen that cables worked before the upgrade but wouldn't work after,
  • Hold down the Lock/Unlock button and the Home button together for at least 10 seconds.
  • If you are using an official cable then plug your iPhone in and leave it to charge for at least a couple of hours before trying the Lock/Unlock and Home button again.
  • Try a factory reset (instructions below)
3rd Party Chargers Not Working
Unfortunately the above two problems could lead to an issue relating to this third and very disappointing issue that Apple actually caused on purpose. iOS7 will no longer allow many 3rd party chargers to work. If they work at all they charge extremely slowly and often times heat up the cable. Apple has started including a chip in their accessories that the device will look for, otherwise you'll see something like this:

iOS7 charging error
There have been many other complaints ranging from speakers not working to WiFi and Bluetooth not connecting. Your best bet is to try a factory reset. Always back up before restoring your device. Here are the appropriate steps to performing a factory reset and restoring your device.


Restoring your iOS device

  1. Connect your device to your computer.
  2. Select your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch when it appears in iTunes. Select the Summary tab, and click the Restore button.
    select your device
  3. Click Restore.

    iTunes may prompt you with a software license agreement. If you click Agree, iTunes will download the iOS software file (.ipsw file) before restoring.
  4. After a restore, the iOS device restarts. You should then see "Slide to set up". Follow the steps in the iOS Setup Assistant.
    slide to unlock
  5. If needed, restore your device from a previous backup.

If restoring does not finish successfully or if a restore error appears, see iOS: Resolving update and restore alert messages.

Hope that helps. If all else fails, get an Android!
Peace out!

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